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Intra-European Transports
Logistics solutions for goods within Europe

In international trade each link of the process chain is crucial to the success of a company. Especially in logistics, all steps have to follow on seamlessly.

With innovative solutions and strong network partners, SRTS builds a bridge between Europe and its new markets. Regardless of where our customers are based, we develop transport concepts for nearly any product and ensure that the goods reach their destination quickly and on time. For example, weighing up the pros and cons to the individual modes of transport and, if necessary, combining them maximizes the security and reliability of all European lines. In doing so we also take your company’s ecological targets into account by arranging transports as efficiently and emission-free as possible. You can also count on our experts to find the most cost-efficient route for your goods with regard to customs issues.

Prepared for all eventualities

When implementing logistical processes, there are often unforeseen disturbances which put the entire project process at risk. For those cases the portfolio of SRTS includes a range of additional services to quickly and proactively assist our customers.

Our additional services at a glance:

Interim financing

Customers with poor payment behavior or too long transit times – short-term funding shortfalls in the transport industry often require uncomplicated intermediate financing. In those cases we arrange for your appropriate financial solutions at favorable conditions through our partner network, thus ensuring that you will soon be able to transform your goods into liquid funds again.

Customs clearance

Globalization and internationalization are changing not only flows of goods and trade channels, they also require companies to be highly knowledgeable in customs matters. Therefore it is a good thing to have a partner like SRTS, which is on top of the latest developments and, if necessary, integrates them into its solution models. Our team will be happy to assist you in matters of customs law and customs law enforcement both in your import and your export business.


Quality management

Even the most substantial time and cost saving measures fail to take effect if the service quality is insufficient. This is why SRTS has developed an advanced quality management to consider both the process as a whole and the individual components in order to be able to quickly and easily make the necessary adjustments. These include, among other things, the random testing and review of production and shipping processes, the application of high quality standards for the service providers involved in the network as well as the compliance with international quality standards, such as ISO 9001.