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SRTS. The Value Network

SRTS. A young company with extensive know-how of the business develops customized logistics solutions based on its innovative bundling and consulting concept. The Düsseldorf-based global logistics consulting company merges what at first glance seems to be a contradiction in terms to create a unique service portfolio.

Distributions Logistics


Increasing globalization and competition have affected the demands on distribution logistics. More products have to reach their customers in ever shorter periods of time without this leading to higher costs or a loss in quality.

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ocotillo bild.jpgSRTS Europe presents ocoTILLO:
This order management system ensures transparency of information independent of location as well as needs-based real-time exchange of information for all participants in the supply chain.

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Reverse Logistics

teaser_leistungen_reverse.jpg Excess and remaining stock of unsold goods is inevitable when doing business. With returns management being costly and time-consuming, non-sellers are often stored and this way represent a significant cost driver.

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