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Case 01
Distribution logistics: Internal process optimization saves time and money

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The life cycle of goods keeps getting shorter and shorter and, consequently, the pressure to sell is getting higher and higher. Thanks to an innovative SRTS solution an import company which operated its own warehouse and points of sales was able to optimize its internal processes and realize substantial savings potentials.

A comprehensive analysis of the actual situation pointed out the major deficits: an inflexible delivery system, too long sales intervals, inefficient transport routes and substantial efforts resulting from pick & pack targets. As a first step, the number of picks in virtual product development (VPD) was significantly reduced. Lower initial volumes, together with the resulting shortening of intervals of deliveries to outlets, increased flexibility and cut warehouse and staff costs. Finally, a holistic analysis of the logistics chain by our solution experts led to a considerable improvement of the company’s existing rental conditions. All’s well that ends well, or, simply put: SRTS.